New Changes as of July 1 - 2016......




NOW Entries will open in the Time Zone of the Event.  This will benefit the Eastcoast people alot.  Why you ask... Well say I try to get into a PA test that opens at 8:00 EST.. and it fills and I can't get in.  I can now try to enter the IN test to insure I get in a test somewhere


Workers Codes = Codes that are given to the hunt test secretary before the test official opening date of the event.

The Codes allow someone to enter the day before the hunt test opens for everyone.  This is AKC version of allowing workers to get into the test.  


When using Entry Express

Keystone  Retriever Club ( /Every Club) will get XX number of workers codes based on the number of entries we have. The club gets 15% of the entries for workers codes.  It isn't unlimited to club members.. it is 15% of the entries.


Opening Date / Time

Is set on the premium and test are currently filling in 2 mins.  So you better be at your computer typing on Wed nights if you don't have a code.



So for the June 2015 Hunt Test - We had a Double 60 Dog Master so we got 8 Codes per test - totaling 16 codes.

KRC - Here is the Hierachy that we used for those codes.  We recongnize that we need WORKERS to help put on this event.

(1 Code per person) Trying to give out the most codes to include the most workers...


Worker / Club Member


If asked - Property Owner / Judge

Club Member

Left over (which we had none in June)


Here is the list of people and the codes for the June HT.

Judges KRC Codes Assigned To
Rick / Robert Roscoe 8CWAWEZ2 Beth S - Worker
Rick / Robert Roscoe Y8R84ZV2 Megan B - Worker
Rick / Robert Roscoe B26256MJ Brian F - Worker
Rick / Robert Roscoe ZTVSB4R4 Trish J - Stake Leader
Rick / Robert Roscoe JG7NPNH6 Gene B - Worker
Rick / Robert Roscoe WES4XY2R Dave K - Live Gunner
Rick / Robert Roscoe PFPJ46EW Joe L - Stake Leader
Rick / Robert Roscoe HC68H2H4 Dora/Don - Live Gunner / Marshal / 4Wheeler
Rick / Robert Roscoe UY83DDV6 Marty K - Worker
Joe / Robert Johnson GGVTPZ2N Tom L - Worker
Joe / Robert Johnson AMNCUEKZ Rick Vaughan - Judge
Joe / Robert Johnson HJP33A3E John C - Live Gunner
Joe / Robert Johnson BQCXMAPX Bob M - Worker/Stake Leader
Joe / Robert Johnson M5KKZPZM Randy K - Marshal
Joe / Robert Johnson B723SSKG Frank / Teri - Live Gunner
Joe / Robert Johnson SQBKH25H Sean R - Worker
Joe / Robert Johnson DKPJV7AS Brandon G - Worker / Gunner
Joe / Robert Johnson EUZR4J2Y Jimmy O - Worker


Some problems with this are as follows:

Do you have more than 8 dogs that are your workers running Master?

Sometimes Judges and or Properyt Owners also ask for codes.

Are you needing more workers to run the HT?

You have more than 8 club dogs running Master!

And Example of this is Tom and I have 5 dogs Currently running master.  I gave each of us 1 code.  This ment that I needed to get 4 dogs entered in each test on the opening day.


When using Paper Entries

The process is the same just the Secretary does all the opening lists.